About us

Jubilee Vineyard Estate is part of the original 40 acres of land (portion 112) that was granted to Denis Benjamin Kirwan in 1821. The property became known as “Kirwan’s Retreat”. Growing maize and wheat, a horse mill was established on the property in 1825 in order to grind flour for Kirwan and other local farmers. The mill was later upgraded and by 1835 Kirwan had imported a steam engine and grind stone for a new mill on his property.

Dr Thomas Henry Fiaschi purchased “Kirwan’s Retreat” (which included the original 40 acres) in late 1882 and immediately set about establishing the well known “Tizzana Vineyards” on the property. Grapes grown on the original 40 acre property included Verdot (Petit Verdot) and Hermitage (Shiraz / Syrah) which were grown in the Stockyard Vineyard, and White Shiraz (Ugni Blanc / Trebbiano / White Hermitage) that were grown in Jubilee Vineyard from which we get our name.

After the fire that destroyed the cellars at Tizzana in 1955, the local vineyards were subsequently destroyed by bushfires that ravaged the valley in the early 1960s. 

Jubilee Vineyard Estate was re-established with vines in 2001. The grape planted was Chambourcin, a French/American hybrid grape variety that is particularly suited to growing in this humid region due to its resistance to fungal diseases. Although its parentage is uncertain, the grape produces a deep purple coloured wine with a full aromatic flavour and long depth.